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WTC Planes before 2nd impact 9/11 South Tower Flight 175

9/11 plane picture NBC sept 11 9-11 plane pics World Trade tower camera planet video still

9-11 wtc video

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september 11 plane World Trade here is new york photo

sept 11 plane photo WTC 9-11

9 11 plane picture World Trade center september 11 South Tower Flight 175 video still

The 2 planes above are from the same video clip. do they appear like the same plane ?
notice the pointy nose on the one on the right.

9 11 plane picture World Trade center hereisnewyork.org

9 11 plane picture WTC tower South Tower Flight 175

Is the object circled in blue above part of the wing? why is it lit, when other parts of the plane are shadowed here?
Is this the door for the planes landing gear which may be 1/2 open?
What are the objects circled in black ???
The reflections indicates that they are NOT part of a normal plane. the fuselage is round, therefore the light reflecting off the fuselage should decrease as it approaches the underbelly of the plane. It seems that there are 2 objects attatched to the bottom of the plane, or one continuous one which is shadowed to some extent by the engine.
Is the pic a total fake?
The pics below and the ones above were taken within a second or two of each other.
Do the shadows on the wings match up?
Does the lighting on the object on the bottom of the plane look the same in both photos?
Some specualtion as to a
missile have been brought up, though i will not comment,
my emphasis is to present the evidence

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New Plane Photos from

9 11 plane picture WTC tower object enhanced POD image
WTC 2 plane pod

9 11 picture WTC tower 2nd hit plane pod

9 11 WTC tower second plane naudet video 9-11 WTC tower 2 video animation

from 911hoax.com
( thanks to the Webfairy for many of the images)

also see...
WTC Boeing Buldge 9/11 the POD flight 175 anomaly

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9/11 WTC,photos of object exiting tower - missile pics ?

several photos of flight 175


Pics of the helicopters that were around the WTC that day. Extreme closeups
WTC Helicopters pics Planes and missiles, UFO's on 9/11

Different Views of the Second Hit
several different flash vids in an easy to see format.
from the Webfairy




WTC plane POD 911review



Brads 9/11 batcave Homepage

Brads 9/11 batcave Mirror


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Israel Was Responsible For The Lebanese Civil War. 911review
Stanley Hilton Interview
Leahy Vs Ashcroft 2004 06
september 11 9-11 wiki
september 11 9-11 Brads Investigation